Necessary Lesson in Phone Etiquette

Seems like these days, we’re overrun by technology. Anywhere I look, there’s at least one person with his or her head down typing away on a phone. Sure, modern phones can present fun distractions and conveniences, but there is a time to put it away.

When I attended Milpitas High School Orchestra’s Winter Concert, Vocal Concert, and the fall play, Avenue Q, I was appalled to see scattered bits of bright screens in each audience. Members of the audiences were either taking a picture, texting, or playing a mobile game.

I’m not saying I’m completely against phone use, just that there’s always a time and place for everything. Is it really necessary to take out your phone to check your email if you took the time out of your schedule to watch a play?(?) Not to mention that it is extremely rude to the people onstage who have poured hours of hard work into perfecting their performance.

I’ve also noticed the same trend in football games. For example, during half-time shows when MHS Marching Band performs. When I’m way out on the field performing, I can hear noise of chatter coming from the bleachers, of people getting up to buy food from the concessions stand, and of people on their phones.

It greatly annoys me and my fellow band members to have to put up with that. We’ve put in hours of practice into our performance. So did the actors in Avenue Q, the singers in Choir, and the musicians in Orchestra. I think the least we can do is give them our attention, and be a respectful audience.

Next time you attend a performance, whether it’s a play or a talent show, please, put away your phones. If someone next to you takes it out, politely tell them to turn it off. I hope that, in the future, I won’t have to see a mob of smartphones come up to take a picture.

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