Traffic Problems

There have been no changes to the current traffic problems in the streets surrounding the school. A plan was submitted to the City of Milpitas and it was then looked over by the Milpitas Police Department but nothing has been done about it, according to Principal Ken Schlaff.

“I submitted my plan about three years ago but I was never contacted again about it,” Schlaff said. “It’s probably because of the lackstop sign of complaints there’s been about this issue,” Schlaff added.

Student and parent safety is our first concern when it comes to the traffic problems here in the morning, Sergeant Raj Maharaj said. Parents come in nearly every day with complaints, which magnifies this issue, Maharaj added.

“We are aware of this problem and we are doing our best to try to address it,” according to Maharaj. “I’ve posted officers at the major street corners to enforce the laws and make sure parents abide by the rules,” Maharaj said. “I wasn’t there when the plans were submitted, but we have been trying to fix the current problems,” Maharaj added.

Although aware of this problem, other than assigning officers every morning, nothing new has been done to try to fix this problem, Maharaj stated. There’s nothing else that can be done other than keeping my officers posted at the major streets, Maharaj said.

“Parents, first and foremost, have to be patient when it comes to dropping off and picking up their students,” Maharaj said. “They need to abide by the laws especially when my officers aren’t posted there in the mornings because it not only adds on to the traffic problems but also makes it dangerous for other pedestrians and parents trying to get to school,” Maharaj stated further.

Other things can be done perhaps in the future but for now, I just keep my officers posted during the morning commutes to make sure everyone abides by the traffic laws, Maharaj said.

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