Supermodel by Foster the People Review

Approximately three years after their first album ‘Torches,’ indie pop band ‘Foster the People’ returns with their album ‘Supermodel.’ Their long-awaited album presents light and unique beats along with important life messages.

The first track, ‘Are You What You Want to Be?’ is in the form of a question, and answers with the words ‘you are what you want to be.’ Although somewhat optimistic, this song is uplifting and I feel more confident about my future when hearing this song.

The first released song of the album, ‘Coming of Age,’ addresses the dilemma we all experience when we’re young: the feelings of confusion, loneliness, and being lost. It, however, eventually disappears as we age and mature. The song also contains a catchy melody and chorus.

The track ‘Goats in Trees’ has a calming and slow beat. It expresses one’s struggle to maintain a socially acceptable appearance; the challenge to not fall apart. “Well I was caught inside the wreck, never found my way out … I’m on the outside and I don’t want to fall apart.”

Similar to the other tracks on the album, the song ‘Best Friend’ portrays the difficulties that come along with addiction. Despite feeling ecstasy after drugs, it will eventually kill one, and individuals will see “celestial beings” much sooner than they would like.

‘The Angelic Welcome of Mr. Jones’ practically contains only one word: “ah.” The entire song is made up of the word ‘ah’ in varying forms, such as ‘aaah’ or ‘ahh.’ I don’t grasp the meaning of the track or its lyrics, but I’m sure there’s a purpose for the song only consisting of one word.

Foster the People’s album ‘Supermodel’ is an amazing listen which I would recommend for everyone to hear. It has a calming effect, possesses a plethora of interesting rhythms, and contains meaningful lyrics.

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