UNICEF Project helps get water to those who need it

An increasing number of people are using their tablets, smart phones, and computers every day. Many of these people have addictions and cannot survive without these “necessities,” especially their cell phones.

However, according to UNICEF, there are 768 million people in the world who live without a true necessity: water. UNICEF has opened the UNICEF Tap Project once again this year. This project is a challenge to stay away from your phone in order to give clean water to children in need, according to the UNICEF Tap Project’s website.

“This year’s initiative asks Americans to unlock 14 million days of clean, safe water for children around the world by encouraging you to stop texting, calling, emailing, tweeting and posting — and challenge your friends to do the same,” the UNICEF Tap Project states.

By simply going on the website or downloading the app and keeping your phone on a flat surface without using or moving the phone, UNICEF will donate money to help provide children with clean water, MHS UNICEF Secretary Ciandra Oo said. Students at MHS have started to help out with the project, Oo continued.

“The best thing about this project is that something as easy as not using your phone can help out so many children around the world,” MHS UNICEF Board Member Kaitlyn Fu said.

UNICEF has found many sponsors, such as Giorgio Armani Beauty, that will donate money to UNICEF for people not using their phones, according to the UNICEF Tap Project.

“For every 15 minutes you don’t touch your phone within our experience, our sponsors and donors can fund one day of clean water for a child in need,” the UNICEF Tap Project continues.

The UNICEF Tap Project also accepts donations, and five dollars can provide clean water to children in need for 200 days.

“[The UNICEF TAP Project is] special because it teaches an important lesson by making us realize that our lives revolve around our phones,” Oo said. “Not only is it time-consuming, but it also isolates us from others and new opportunities.”

This project has helped people carry out selfless acts and care more about others, since they know they can save lives by simply giving up time spent on their phones, Oo said.

“Instead of mindlessly refreshing my Instagram feed or tweeting about some food that I just ate, I could be providing weeks of water for malnourished children,” Oo said. “Plus, taking part in such a selfless project makes me feel better about myself because I’m actually making a positive difference to someone’s life.”

During this year’s World Water Month in March, Americans went without their phones for 32 million minutes, according to UNICEF Tap Project.

So next time, instead of checking your social media sites or watching videos, set your phone down with the UNICEF Tap Project app or website on. You can make a difference by proving clean water to children that need it.

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