Etech completes projects, wraps up year

Etech has finished and are currently working on several different projects as well as preparing for finals, according to Academy Teacher Scott Keller. Both the seniors and the juniors wrapped up their last two projects.

The juniors project focused on E windmills and the seniors project is the Green Urban Design project, according to Keller.

“The seniors just finished their exit interviews interviewing with professionals from industry as well as some staff here and some administration,” Keller said.

According to Keller, it gave them a good example of what it would be like in a real world interview process.

“Currently we are working on providing the students the feedback from the exit interview, which will be valuable resources to them in the future as they graduate and interview for jobs as well as going to college,” Keller said.

Junior Gavin Bains is currently working on making a logo using autocad for etech for his project.

“We have yet to present it but it is going to be presented to the class and later put in our portfolio for our exit interviews,” Bains said. “This project is done on our own but we can ask for help from anyone in the class.”

All of the projects were done digitally through google applications drives. The projects focused on green technology and green sustainability, Keller said.

“It helps us because we gain skill in autocad which is a widely used program in the engineering field,” Bains said.

According to Keller, Etech is currently working on implementing other projects as well as improving their website, so that they can display the students’ projects.

“Mr. Smith is actually integrating a lot of projects for next year including robotics that we are going to be doing for the first time, which is really exciting,” Keller said.

Etech Teacher Robert Smith and Keller have been building the program up to kind of give it a common theme throughout tenth grade to senior year.

“I think our forward thinking with the 3D printer and integrating the 3D printer as a tool to is what’s going to provide students with real world application as well as give them a good basis for future engineering careers they might be looking for,” Keller said.

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