Music Review: “BUSH” by Snoop Dog

“BUSH” by Snoop Dogg is a masterpiece of rap. Rather than going for the faster style that is now prevalent in more popular rap styles, Snoop sticks to a more traditional rap style that is enjoyable to listen to if all you want to do is chill out. Although he incorporates a more reggae style into his rap, it does not give off the feeling that you need to be under the influence in order to truly enjoy what you are hearing. Rather, it gives the listener the opportunity to lie back after a long day and simply listen to music that does not take all of your concentration to understand.

When you look at famous rap, it is majorly dominated by artists who depend on just saying words quickly that may or may not rhyme with each other; it requires the listener to be actively listening to understand what is being said. Snoop focuses on a more imagery focused style in his music, going for a much slower pace so that each and every word can be understood. The background music strengthens the effects since it complements the rap and does not simply exist to drown out what is being said.

Starting off with its opening title, “Peaches and Cream,” “BUSH” sets the tone for the rest of the album as something to relax to. The song does not require the use of much explicit sexual imagery that is common in rap; rather, it uses a strong sense of innuendo. The tune itself is catchy, and it is something you will find yourself humming along to throughout the day.

“California Roll” sets the scene in, obviously, California. Snoop talks about the use of legalized medical marijuana through obtaining a medical card. The message itself is clear, however: follow your dreams regardless of your background and who you meet on the way. This should be the main focus when you look at Snoop’s songs, for his goal is not to throw out as many drug or sexual terms that he can in a three-minute period. He develops a deeper meaning in his music.

Most of the tracks follow a similar pattern, with “This City” being an exception, being a much faster beat in the background on top of Snoop’s classic slow-tuned rap. It holds true to the rest of the album in terms of content, but it is based more on the music you hear than the rap on top of it. This is not really seen elsewhere in the album, but it is a good variety within the album that keeps it from being stale.

Overall, “BUSH” is a great album, although it is not for everyone. I would not suggest actually listening to it unless you truly enjoy rap because it is not the classic style that you would expect on the radio. It contains more feel good emotions while mellowing out the user, with marijuana being a large driving force in the actual album, which was clearly made with the stereotypical stoner in mind. Do not let this deter you from listening to it, since it can truly be enjoyed by anyone.

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