Music Review: Years and Years EP “Y & Y”

The fairly new UK electropop trio Years & Years is gaining a large following from the new upbeat EP “Y&Y,” which released on February 3. The EP is a powerful preview to the band’s debut album that is scheduled to be released this summer.

Once “Desire,” the first song on the four-track EP begins, it’s hard to resist dancing or at least tapping along with your feet. Take an addicting and catchy house beat and pair it with a boasting chorus that reads “Is it desire / Or is it love that I’m feeling for you?” and you’ve got a song that sets the EP up for success early on.

The next song is titled “Take Shelter,” and it carries a tune that comes off as mellow and almost needy. The songs shifts paces during the bridge, which prevents the track from sounding repetitive. Front-man Olly Alexander’s low and controlled voice helps the song give off a seductive electronic vibe.

“King” is the only song easy to overlook. Alexander begs for freedom from a chaotic relationship with lyrics like “I had to break myself to carry on/no love and no admission.” The techno beats are similar to the previous track, so this song doesn’t have the opportunity to stand apart.

There’s only one slowed down song on “Y&Y,” and the power of the soulful synth ballad really makes up for that. “Memo” lays down careful vocals over an authentic slow piano synth melody.

The sudden change in tempo makes the EP end on an abrupt note, helping to build anticipation for the bands next project. Years and Years could find fame similar to Disclosure and Clean Bandit if the band continues in the distinct direction of their EP. With just a minor lack of variety, “Y&Y” sounds different than other projects on the pop and electronic charts.

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