Five Haunted Places Near You

Mission_Santa_ClaraWas Halloween too anticlimactic and boorish? Looking for a nearby spooky place for a thrill? The Union has you covered. If you’re interested in a little investigation of urban legends in the bay area, the following five sites are some of the most-frequently reported ghost sites.

1. Marsh Road

Being allegedly haunted by the ghost of a young girl, this site is almost a rite of passage for Milpitas High students. Years back, fourteen-year-old Marcy Conrad was raped and killed by her boyfriend Anthony Broussard. Sixteen-year-old Broussard assaulted Conrad and left her dead at a bridge on Marsh Road. Those who pass the bridge at night claim to have seen the ghost of the girl. If interested, try this out: stop the car on the bridge and turn off your headlights. When the driver looks in the rear-view mirror, Conrad will appear in the reflection. It is said that she especially haunts couples that pass by the road. Unlike most ghost stories, this murder truly happened. Conrad was transported in Broussard’ s pickup truck from the bridge to a nearby ravine. An autopsy confirmed that Conrad had been raped and then strangled to death. This area on Marsh road is where Conrad’s ghost is said to still reside.

2. The Athletic Field at Del Mar High School

According to legend, the field at Del Mar High School is haunted by a young boy who was killed by his best friend in 1942. The boy was stabbed multiple times in the back and those who have allegedly seen his ghost since have reported seeing the image of a male with a knife lodged in his back. In 2011, an investigator decided to look into the haunted site and recorded an audible response from the ghost of the boy. According to the story, the statement said was, “We just want to know why you’re here,” and the boy responded “Okay.” It is said that every night at 3:15 AM, screams asking for help can be heard coming from the field and a figure can be seen running up and down the bleachers.

3. Sunnyvale Toys ‘ R’ Us

The Toys ‘R’ Us ghost has haunted the South Bay for at least twenty-five years. Legend says that there was a wood-chopping accident years ago when a farmer had lost his leg and died. His ghost haunts the Toys ‘R’ Us building, at times appearing and disappearing. According to the story, he was in love with a woman named Elizabeth, and workers have reported hearing him whisper her name in the storeroom. He is also known to mess with the merchandise and turn on and off faucets. If interested, search “haunted Toys ‘R’ Us” on YouTube to find an episode of Unsolved Mysteries from the early 90’ s about this spooky tale.

4. Hicks Road

The Hicks Road myth is one of the oldest spooky places in the area. The eerie road in San Jose leads through a more reclusive and urban area of the country, giving off a haunted vibe. It is known for the rumored satan-worshipping albinos, or sometimes witches and recluses, chasing those who drive on the road. Any trespassers in their territory who wander on through Hicks Road should beware of the infamous Hicks Road Albinos.

5. Santa Clara University Mission

This mission at Santa Clara University is the oldest in the United States, and there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity at the site. According to the school’ s newspaper, much of the university sits on the site of several ancient Indian Burial grounds. When passing by the cemetery right next to the mission, students claim to hear eerie moans coming from the direction of the cemetery. Students also claim to have seen locked doors to the O’ Connor building violently swing open and shut. In the bell tower at the mission, there had been reports Jesuits praying.

Disclaimer: Beware these alleged ghosts and spirits this year and be cautious. The Union is not responsible for any consequences from visiting these sites and places. The Union does not validate whether the stories above are true.This article does not reflect the beliefs of the Union as a newspaper. For entertainment purposes only

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  1. Daniel Bobay says:

    Great article. I had a ghost follow me for years, this ghost would play with the boys toys, nothing harmful just part of the family. When my mom died the activities stopped. I think the ghost was my infant brother David who died at birth in 1960.

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