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Santa Claus is coming to MHS in the form of the program Winter Wishes which will run for 12 weeks according to Winter Wishes Committee Head Natalie Trinh. Winter Wishes allows for students to ask for a gift of some kind for someone else, which will be delivered to them in the first 6 weeks of the new semester after the gifts are approved by ASB said Trinh. The program was created by the Associated Student Body (ASB) of MHS as a way to give back to the high school during the holiday season.

“For the past two years you were able to wish for yourself and we granted that wish right away for that person,” said Trinh. “But this year we added a twist because we feel that during the Christmas season it is important to think about others more and give gifts to others.”

One of the most popular wishes is food like McDonalds or milk tea, which is quite easy to accommodate Trinh said. Other examples of wishes from the past years include students asking for dates to school dances, electronics, or pricier items like cars.

“Some people ask for a computer or a car and that is a little bit harder to grant with the limited amount of money that we have,” Trinh said. “So what we do is that we put from $25 to $50 towards that gift so that we are still supporting the gift but we can’t grant the full wish.”

To be able to grant the wishes, ASB has to fundraise the money and can only spend whatever is raised, according to Winter Wishes Committee Member Micaiah Anderson. The main fundraiser is the Winter Wishes Auction Facebook page which allows students and staff to submit services which people can then bid on starting at seven dollars.

“The auction includes voluntary services or items given by students/staff and students/staff bid for the items they want. It’s very interconnected and includes everyone,” said Anderson via Facebook message.

The original goal for the Winter Wishes was 800 dollars and and then adjusted to 1,000 dollars according to Trinh. Winter Wishes exceeded both goals with a total of 1,112 dollars.

Students can start wishing for gifts now according to Committee Member Joselle Santillian. All wishes are accepted as long as they remain school appropriate.

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