Master of None: Netflix Review

master-of-none-poster-imageAcclaimed comedian Aziz Ansari released a show on Netflix called Master of None that effortlessly displays diversity and hilarity. Most of the buzz from this show comes from the fact that it touches on social issues including racism in media, feminism, and immigration. Ansari highlights the struggles of being a minority on television and the importance of male allies in feminism while being hilarious and interesting at the same time.
The show is basically about Aziz’s life. The main character, Dev, shares all of his similar interests and traits. His actual parents even play his parents on the show. Other main characters include his friends Arnold, Denise, and Brian and his girlfriend Rachel. They are all interesting people that add to the entertaining stories that the main character undergoes throughout the series.The most engaging episodes are probably the ones that touch upon issues of race. Ansari, as an Indian American, shares his struggles and experiences as a minority. An episode about Indians in TV reveals the dilemmas that he faces when confronted with auditions, and another episode about immigration shows the sacrifices that Asian parents go through to provide for the welfare of their children. Each story in this series hilariously displays a topic through Ansari’s point of view. Certain episodes that are simply about his views on old people or children are slightly more bland, but still good enough to watch.
A major plus of this show is the way they displayed diversity and represented different types of people. Minorities are often underrepresented in Western media but I liked how this series was able to effortlessly show people from different backgrounds without the added stereotypes that tend to come with them.
While this feel-good show can produce a lot of laughs, it’s pretty boring sometimes. There are certain scenes that drag on and have nothing interesting happen. The relationship between Aziz and his girlfriend, Rachel, is mundane and lacks chemistry. The first season also lacks in depth since it only provides ten episodes. There is no overall plot to the season unless you count his stale relationship with his girlfriend.
While this show gives a genuine outlook on certain social issues, it does contain anti-blackness in a certain episode. Ansari implies that racial injustice towards African-Americans is not much of a problem by complaining that their issues are a priority compared to those of other minorities.This was disappointing to me because the entire series was praised for touching upon racism and other social issues and their putting down black people to raise awareness for Asian-Americans was not considerate. People of color should stick together in the fight for racial equality instead of putting each other down.
Overall, Master of None is an intriguing and feel good show. Some episodes, however, work better than others. Nonetheless, you should still watch the entire series for the good episodes.This Netflix show is definitely something that you will end up binge watching.