Sausage Party: A Movie Review

maxresdefaultSausage Party, released in theaters on August 12, 2016, is an R-rated animation directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan. Starring Seth Rogen (Frank the sausage) and Kristen Wiig (Brenda the hot dog bun), the animation mixes a combination of absurdity and profanity to produce a unique and progressive comedy.

In a supermarket called Shopwell’s, the groceries and other items see humans as gods who are destined to take them out of the supermarket and into the “Great Beyond,” a promise of immortality and happiness when they are chosen by the humans. Frank and his girlfriend Brenda dream of being bought and living together in the Great Beyond. However, in the process of being chosen and carted away, a traumatized honey mustard who was returned by an earlier customer warns the other food that the great beyond is a lie. Before Frank can find out the specifics of his experience, the honey mustard commits suicide, causing the cart to halt and other food items to perish with him. Frank and Brenda also fall out of the cart, but they survive the aftermath.

Anxious and bewildered by the honey mustard’s insanity, Frank starts questioning the belief that the humans are gods. With the help of a Jewish bagel named Sammy Bagel Jr and a Middle eastern lavash named Kareem, Frank and Brenda set off into the aisles of liquor and cereal in hopes of making it back to their aisle in time for the opening day of the Fourth of July, and also maybe learning the truth about the gods. Unbeknownst to them, their true purpose to humans makes traveling the least of their worries…

Sausage Party manages to mix in three key aspects of profanity, violence, and absurdity into an entirely entertaining comedy that will leave the audience perturbed and laughing at the same time. The story portrays a large amount of ridiculousness into the film, while also alluding to many absurd issues prevalent in the real world. The movie is able use stereotypes and real-world conflicts to make the story relatable and even more entertaining.
When Frank questions the belief of humans as gods, he tries to uncover the truth, but he is dismissed by other food who think he harms their own beliefs. This relates heavily to the controversial topic of religion in the modern world. The movie also compares the hateful relationship of Bagel Jr. and Kareem with the religious conflicts and the Middle East, it and makes references to sexual abstinence and sexual orientation. In short, the movie uses sex jokes, pop culture, drugs, racial stereotypes, and other real world issues to create a fruitful animation.

I rate the movie a three-and-a-half out of five stars. Justifiably R-rated, the movie is inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18, partly because most teens and those younger will be unable to understand the references or humor. Also, older generations might not find the movie enjoyable because it has a different, somewhat extreme, outlook on controversial issues. In reality, the movie will be a hit or miss for many people. However, Sausage Party is able to stand out as a film that addresses more issues and more mature content than most movies would ever cover, while also distinguishing itself as a light-hearted and cheesy film.

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