University Studies Cancelled

The MHS University Studies program has been postponed because of delays in construction and other logistic issues, according to Principal Philip Morales. The program, which allows students to take dual enrollment classes that MHS does not traditionally provide, was supposed to start this fall semester, but instead will hopefully begin in the second semester, Morales said.

University Studies is a partnership with San Jose City College, and through this program students are able to take classes taught by both professors and qualified teachers, and they receive both high school and college credit, Morales stated. Most of the classes will be held at the satellite college extension campus across the street from MHS, but since the facility is not finished, the program has been delayed, Morales explained.

“We should’ve started day one in August,” Morales said. “But like I said, with construction, and particularly when you’re dealing with city construction contractors, there’s a lot of different types of inspections that they have to pass. And so a lot of times, that holds up the process.”

According to Counselor Beth Harke, approximately 30-32 students had signed up for University Studies, leaving them with two open periods when the program was delayed. After a couple days into the semester, students were then called up to the counseling office and given new classes or left one as an open, Harke said.

“It took the [counselors] a while to contact me afterwards,” Senior Sonia Tripathy said. “But I found out from someone else that got called into the counseling office, and I tried to talk to my counselor, but she was unavailable. Then I saw her email me the next day.”

Besides delays in construction, there are still some logistic issues that they need to work out before starting the program, Harke stated. They still aren’t sure what classes they’re going to offer to students, and it may be difficult to start next semester if some students already are taking classes, Harke continued.

The satellite campus is currently planned for four classrooms, including a classroom suited for biology, but there still might be more opportunities for students later on, Morales stated. According to Morales, they are hoping to build solid academic programs for Milpitas High students, and MHS is thinking of starting a biotech program, Morales added.

“There’s a lot of opportunities, and there’s a lot of [possible] growth,” Morales explained. “We’re just all kind of [spread] out here, and we have to narrow it down to see what is a good first step and how do we build on this program.”

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