Your Yearly Christmas Survival Guide

Survival Guide for Christmas Addicts:

Obsessed with Christmas? Want to own your inner Christmas-ness? Unleash the Christmas Addict in you with this holly-jolly step-by-step guide! This guide includes an overdose of Christmas to satisfy your needs this month. Warning: The more steps you partake in the more likely you are to become an extreme Christmas Addict! Proceed with caution!

  • Replace water with hot chocolate: Cold weather calls for hot chocolate, and who needs drinking plain old water when you can have hot chocolate? Stay warm and enjoy your drink! Tip: Peppermint marshmallows are a good addition if you want to be extra festive!
  • Throw annual Christmas party: Who doesn’t want to attend a Christmas party? If nobody invites you to a Christmas party, simply throw your own! Let us assure you there will be at least one person at your party(you)!
  • Watch The Santa Clause 1, 2, & 3 on repeat: Unlike other single Christmas movies, The Santa Clause trilogy can suck up your time three times as long because after you watch the first one you have to watch all of them!
  • Buy everything and anything peppermint scented: Duh, it’s peppermint! Probably the best and most popular scent of the season, it’s just so soothing!! *buys the entire “Twisted Peppermint” collection from Bath and Bodyworks*
  • Play Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” on repeat: If you are a true Christmas Addict you will have this song playing 24/7 starting November 1! It’s definitely an iconic one. You can’t forget about it! “But I’ma be under the mistletoe”
  • Decorate the entire house with Christmas decorations (interior and exterior): Who said the bathroom can’t have Christmas lights? No such thing as a fire hazard, just buy waterproof lights! Don’t forget about the laundry room!
  • Buy 10 tubes of red lipstick: This season, red lips are your biggest trademark (or you just got that idea from Miranda Sings)! Ten tubes should be about enough to get you perfect lips for holiday photos, kissing underneath the mistletoe, or just to make you feel extra
  • Make ugly Christmas sweaters: You may have 10 ugly Christmas sweaters, but who said you can even survive Christmas without a new one? You definitely need multiples, for each day of the week! Tip: Don’t be afraid to throw anything on your sweater! We suggest candy canes, glitter, maybe even a reindeer?
  • Make Christmas cookies: You can never forget about making cookies for Santa! Who said making five dozen sugar cookies is a lot? And if you’re bored with making regular old sugar cookies just add some eggnog in there (nonalcoholic of course)!
  • Buy next years Christmas gifts on December 26: A true Christmas addict is always looking forward to next year! It’s only 364 days away! Never too early for Christmas present shopping.

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