Battlefield 1 Review


In the past, the Battlefield franchise never seemed to reach the popularity of the Call of Duty franchise. This year, the tides have seemed to finally turn this, with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare receiving massive amount of negative reception since its reveal, whereas the opposite being the case for Battlefield 1.

Thematically, Battlefield 1 vastly differs from the plethora of futuristic shooters which have been released in these past several years, with it focusing on the World War 1 setting. Battlefield 1 offers both a campaign and multiplayer, though the experiences offered between these two modes are obviously different.

Battlefield 1’s campaign is best described as short and sweet, with the story taking roughly six hours to complete, though this number may change depending on what difficulty the game is set to. The campaign centers on the stories of five different soldiers, each of whom are part of different armies. One common complaint found in the campaign is its lack of depth, as the game only gives a short glimpse into the stories of these characters. Besides this, the story is entertaining enough to be played until the end.

In regards to its multiplayer, Battlefield 1 follows the trend of its past installments with its inclusion of large scale battles which can hold up to 64 players in a single match. The implementation of sea, land, and air vehicles creates a sense of an open world in each map, with the player having the ability to traverse the terrain these vehicles cover on most of the maps

From a graphical perspective, the game looks great and generally maintains a smooth frame rate on consoles. The sound design of the game is worth noting too. Between the crackle of gunfire and something as miniscule footsteps, the sounds are realistic and fitting to the game’s theme. Also, in comparison to the launch of Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1 is for the most part, free of major bugs. Though, the game’s UI can feel a bit too sluggish at times and the multiplayer servers have crashed on a few occasions (and likely will in the future).

Ultimately, for anyone out there who may be a fan of first-person shooters, or even just the general genre of shooter games, Battlefield 1 is definitely worth looking into.


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