Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition Review


Call of Duty is back, this time with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, it’s 13th installment in the series developed by Infinity Ward. In addition, Call of Duty has brought back fan-favorite game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in a remastered version unsurprisingly named Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. This year has brought the franchise a step forward, but another gigantic leap backward.

As COD has taken a leap into the future in its most recent installments, the quality of the games has seemed to spiral into a seemingly open-ended void. Players have found the advanced movement and futuristic combat unappealing, and this dislike is evident in the decreasing popularity of the franchise. I’ll be honest- Infinite Warfare is not a good game. A boring campaign, unappealing graphics and a rushed multiplayes makes this game the worst COD in the past 8 years.

Being someone who has played COD since 2009, I can definitely say that Infinite Warfare is a lackluster game in all aspects, compared to the previous titles. Firstly, the campaign- if you are looking to play an interesting and butt-clenching story put this game back on the shelf. The story, although unique, is not that exciting considering the circumstances it takes place in. An intergalactic war with a group of rebels who have access to an armada of spaceships sounds action-packed, but the story is mostly filled with droll dialogue with a couple exciting missions sprinkled in.

The Infinite Warfare multiplayer is probably a contender for worst MP of any game ever. A couple new additions to the mechanics such as combat rigs and traits attempt to bring a heightened sense of customization, but all they do is confuse the average player and make the interface daunting to look at. The maps are poorly designed and the spawn system feels like it was coded by a third grader, not professionals from Infinity Ward. However, the weapons are balanced quite nicely and the meta of the game seems to be very harmonious. It’s nice to not see 10 players running around with the same overpowered weapon.

Modern Warfare Remastered, however, is a game that really blew expectations out of the water. For players who experienced the greatness of the original MW (most of us were 5-7 years old), MWR is a nostalgic sensory overload. HD graphics, the campaign we all grew to love and a riveting multiplayer makes MWR the better game out of the two by a longshot. Unfortunately, to play MWR you have to buy IW for a minimum price of $79.99.

For players who are accustomed to boots on the ground, traditional COD, MWR is definitely the way to go. For the player who wants to experience something new and have a raging fit 30 minutes into their gaming session, IW is the game for you.


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