A Graduation Name Limit Isn’t a Good Idea

A graduation is an important event every high school senior dreams of since the very first day they began high school. One of the important things a senior wants at their graduation ceremony is to have their name called by their favorite teacher. But imagine walking into your favorite teacher’s class, only to realize that they’ve hit the limit on a number of names to be called.

This is a problem for this year’s graduation ceremony, as each teacher has a name limit of 35 students. This means that if you’re not one of the first 35 students to sign up for a particular teacher, they’ll probably won’t be able to read your name. This also means that you will have to choose either a backup or possibly third choice teacher to read their name. But most people don’t want to have chosen anybody else other than their first choice.

Many students have that one teacher who they are close to and will want to read their name at graduation. However, if they’re not one of the first 35 students to sign up, they’ll have to choose another teacher; one that they’re probably not very familiar with to read their name. No one wants to have that one teacher that they don’t even know to read their name at one of the most important events of their high school career. If you’ve bonded with one teacher over your last four years, there’s no way that you’ll want any other teacher to read your name at graduation.

You may have heard the quote, “Anybody can read your name at graduation, it doesn’t really matter” but it actually does. Your first choice teacher is the one who’s guided, nurtured, motivated, and pushed you to your limits. They’re the ones whose class you’re always excited to go to each day of the year you’ve had their class. They’re also the ones who welcome you back with open arms each time you come back to visit them. They’re the ones who still care about what you’re up to even though you don’t have their class anymore. These all the reasons why having your favorite, first choice teacher read your name at graduation is so important to a student.

I don’t think there should be a limit on how many names a teacher can read at graduation. All of the teachers reading names volunteered to do it, so it should be up to them on how many names they’ll personally read. Having a name limit is unnecessary when it should really be up to the teacher’s discretion. This would make their time and commitment to reading names even more valuable to us. Their time and dedication to making our graduation more meaningful to us would be even more appreciated.

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