Feature: Circle K International

Many clubs both big and small thrive here at MHS. Organizations seek to compete fiercely in academic subjects, or to aid the world and work at service events. But what happens later on in college life? Over the past few weekends, I have been fortunate enough to spend time with a neat service club in college named Circle K International.

For a little run down on Circle K, they are an organization that runs all over the US as a convenience store with over 1000 chains. But that is completely different from the college club. Circle K International the club is a multinational community service organization that allows college students and the likes to create and complete service opportunities. They are a further branch away from Key Club in high school, and are sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, which is another service organization.

During a visit to UC Santa Cruz’s Circle K club, I was able to experience and witness the hard work and dedication that their members put forth, as well as their friendly demeanor and hospitable charm. Admittedly, I felt uneasy on the way there because I was meeting complete strangers and staying over at a place I have never been before, but as soon as I had stepped through the door, I was met with warm welcome and instantly introduced to people hard at work.

I came over to one of their apartments late at night only to see plenty of people crowded around a room hard at work designing posters and decorations for an upcoming banquet. They had stayed upwards till 3:00 AM making sure that the banquet was going to be the best that it can be for everyone there. Despite the stress present, the atmosphere stayed energetic and well meaning. They would laugh and sing while crafting beautiful posters during these untimely hours.

Seeking to include everybody, I was taken in by everybody for conversation. Many people introduced themselves and made sure that I felt invited and had something to do. Their feeling of warmth and focus permeated the area, which ended up with a fantastic banquet hall. The banquet itself was an amazing event with many touching moments and amazing performances.

At the banquet they reflected on the past year and joyed over their accomplishments past. Raising considerable amounts of money for a good cause, as well as selflessly sacrificing many hours worth of time in order to serve the community, the club had definitely left a huge impact on their surroundings. They had cultivated plants at the schools arboretum, and also volunteered at many runs and helped out with kids.

Circle K is not only a club at UC Santa Cruz however, and branches out to many colleges all over the US. All around they strive to make a difference and a better world for the future. To those looking towards the future, I would certainly recommend joining Circle K.

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