Annual fall CLOG Rush attracts students

clog rush 2017

MHS held the first Club and Organization (CLOG) Rush of the school year from Tuesday, Aug. 29 to Thursday Aug. 31. Chartered CLOGs were given space on the green to advertise themselves to recruit new members, CLOG Commissioner Maggie Ly said.

CLOG Rush is a welcoming way of introducing students to all the groups and activities the school has to offer, Ly said. Students get a chance to meet people and try new things they might not have signed up for otherwise, she continued.

“With the amount of spirit and friendliness exuded from the CLOGs approaching new faces,” Ly said. “It really comforts new students from the get-go to know that school can be enjoyable if you make it to be. It’s also a way for students to explore new interests and hobbies.”

The environment of CLOG Rush this year was energetic and enthusiastic, Key Club President Ziyuan Lei said. CLOG Rush was a great way to recruit people, and it was enjoyable overall, she said.

“I felt like the atmosphere this year was really lively with all the clubs in high spirits,” Lei said. “I’m very happy with the amount of members we were able to recruit and appreciate everyone that signed up! Every individual makes a huge difference in giving back to the community and their enthusiasm really helps us grow.”

However there was an issue of overcrowding during CLOG Rush, Sophomore Marissa Clarke said. It was difficult navigating the crowds to sign up for the right clubs, she said.

“I felt it was a bit overwhelming since all the clubs were all crammed on the green,” Clarke said. “I couldn’t find the clubs I wanted to join.”

The overcrowding issue is a problem for students who might be shyer or dislike crowds, Senior Chris Bui said. Not everyone is attracted to flashy decorations, he said.

“I feel that crowded stands repel people who haven’t found their way yet,” Bui said. “Same with overly spirited stands, it kind of drives away shyer people.”

The Academic Student Body (ASB) has been working on fixing the issue of crowds, Ly said. Ideas have been discussed on how to manage it, and CLOG input is important in deciding.

“We actually spaced the tables out by a lot this year compared to previous years,” Ly said. “There’s also been conversation about making CLOG Rush 4 days long to allow smaller groups of CLOGs to have more space each day.”

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