Basketball Coach Clarence Wrencher started playing basketball at the age of four


Basketball Coach Clarence Wrencher is alongside his Auburn University Coach Tommy Joe Eagles and Fellow Player Chris Brandt in a promotional piece. Photo Courtesy of Clarence Wrencher

Aside from playing golf a couple times a week, Basketball Coach Clarence “Champ” Wrencher said he used to be dedicated to basketball. He started playing at the age of four and played for a recreational league, in high school, in college, and a few other countries, Wrencher stated.

“All countries have a professional league and so I played in the Icelandic league. I played in the Canadian League and then I played in some smaller and like minor leagues here in the United States,” Wrencher said. “Well okay the one in Iceland- 2 clubs I played for in Iceland you’re never gonna be able to pronounce them. One is a- I’ll call in club Thor and then the other one I’ll call it club KR [and] Calgary Outlaws.”

When Wrencher was at Auburn University, he played on the college basketball, facing off against former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal’s college team, Wrencher said. The game against Auburn  University was where O’Neal set the record for most dunks in a division 1 college basketball game, Wrencher added.

“Shaq went to LSU, I went to Auburn in the same conference. For 3 years we played against each other,” Wrencher said. “I was one of the reasons why he went pro [because] he was able to dunk on me so many times, and made himself look good. NBA scouts took notes.”

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