English Teacher Annie Marple loves to dance


Photo Courtesy of Annie Marple

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Photo Courtesy of Annie Marple

Besides being an English teacher, Suzanne “Annie” Marple said that she has done horseback riding lessons, jazz, ballet, tap, ballroom dancing, and rock climbing.

“I grew up dancing, so I’ve always done it,” Marple said. “ I wanted to start doing ballroom because I wanted to wear the floofy dresses, which is not really a thing that I do most of the time, so it just seemed like a new thing to explore which is what I’m always looking for.”

In her adulthood she has dabbled into rock climbing, Marple added. She has climbed 800 to 1,000 foot high ranges at Yosemite and free climbed at smaller boulders at different locations Marple explained.

“Rock climbing my life for probably five years,” Marple said. “We used to go camping in the desert and we’d stay out there for three weeks until we ran out of food and then we’d come back. It is actually terrifying.”

“I’ve lived a very calm, peaceful, acceptable life,” Marple said.“I am a role model for children and all things in all ways and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it,” she joked.

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