Jamba Juice’s Pumpkin Smash is Delightful for the Fall Season

It’s that time of the year! Jamba Juice has honored this fall season with a creamy, rich pumpkin smoothie. To satisfy any pumpkin lover’s cravings, Jamba Juice has come up with another unique beverage to highlight the autumnal season. Pumpkin Smash, a creative spin on pumpkin pie, is blended with pumpkin puree, hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a secret ingredient. To compliment the pumpkin flavor, Jamba Juice mixed in vanilla frozen yogurt as a sweetener. Vanilla frozen yogurt, unlike honey or sugar, captures the true texture of the actual dessert. It provides an alternative to the whipped cream on pumpkin pie, while adding an unexpected twist on a typical fall drink.

Known for their smoothies and juices, Jamba Juice uses natural ingredients and fresh fruit to promote a healthier lifestyle. Pumpkin Smash, gluten free and vegetarian, is a better alternative for those of you looking to treat yourselves to a refreshing beverage.

Believing that pumpkins and smoothies do not mix, I was hesitant to try the Pumpkin Smash. Presentation wise, it was a rich orangey-brown color that you would naturally expect from a pumpkin smoothie. (No surprise there!) After the first sip, I was shocked at how accurate the taste was to pumpkin pie. Jamba Juice brought it home with the tangy, but sweet pumpkin flavor. The texture was smooth and thick, but melted immediately after touching the tongue. Although the vanilla frozen yogurt gave the drink an intriguing quality, it made the drink slightly sweeter than I expected. After the specks of cinnamon and nutmeg melted away, the Pumpkin Smash lost its initial pumpkin flavor and resembled a vanilla milkshake.

Overall, I give the Pumpkin Smash 4 out of 5 stars. For someone who does not gravitate toward pumpkin flavored desserts, this was a nice surprise compared to the other drinks I have tried. The sweetness was not too overwhelming, and the warm spices truly makes for a magnificent blend. For those of you who are looking to jump on the pumpkin spice trend, this is the drink for you. Jamba Juice’s Pumpkin Smash is only limited for the fall season, so go out and grab this delightful treat before it is gone!

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