Humans of MHS: Ivan Macias

Ivan Macias

“I have been playing the trumpet for seven years. Music plays a huge part in my life that cannot be left behind. It is my stress reliever when obstacles in life bring me down. I instantly forget about everything that is happening in the world when I play beautiful melodies at fast tempos, loud accents with passion, and high notes with confidence. Without music, color would be absent from what I see around me and what I would see is a gray world. I play music, because music is what I find joy in. As a young boy in elementary school, I had no interest in playing musical instruments until I heard high school musicians playing the Imperial March in the gym. It was at that moment where my musical journey began. As time moves forward I made lots of friends, played at magical places like Disneyland, and won shiny medals and plaques to have on my walls. Looking back at all the memories I can retain in my head makes me realize that time is going by fast. There is no going back in time at this moment, but I am certain that technology will improve as time goes on for people to relive the big moments of their lives. Being in a band class teaches me to work with others as a team to combine sounds that will blend and create something beautiful. Two of the things that I like the most about being a trumpet player is that I can express myself in an artistic high tone type of manner. And I can share my feelings with people through the music that I perform!”

Photographer: Vivian Tsang

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