‘Selfie’, a new perspective on social media

A common trend in our generation involves taking pictures of ourselves known as “taking a selfie.” Our world is now overrun with new social media, which causes us to forget how to have face to face communication with others.

In the new ABC TV show “Selfie,” the main characters Eliza Dooley (Karen Gillan) and Henry Higgs (John Cho) are easy to relate to.

There is a good contrast between the characters of Eliza and Henry. Eliza is the best salesperson in her department, however she spends too much time on social media and superficial relationships. Henry, on the other-hand, is a workaholic genius, but he lacks in social media influence.

Eliza becomes attached to social media because she was not a popular kid growing up. This was her attempt to change her image and gain popularity. Eliza realizes that no one came to see her when she was sick, which shows a problem that people face when they find out that their online relationships cannot replace real relationships with people. She tries to change herself by asking Henry for help since he was able make the failing product popular again. Henry accepts and begins to mentor her.

The comedy was well executed in the scene where Henry is asking Eliza what confuses her the most. Eliza answers with “plus size skinny jeans” and Henry puts his hand to his forehead to show that he believes there is no hope for Eliza.

The plot of the TV show is well written and shows real life scenarios and allows the audience to connect with the characters. The actors and actresses do a good job in playing their roles. Karen Gillan’s American accent in the TV show makes it sound like she was born in the United States, when in fact, she is from Britain.

Through Henry’s help, Eliza is able to show some improvement by the end of the first episode by being concerned about someone other than herself. “Selfie” aired its first episode on September 30 and has a new episode every Tuesday.


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