Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is yet another comic-inspired movie created by¬†Disney’s Marvel. The movie hit theaters last Friday on November 7. The movie starts out introducing character Hiro Takachiho, a 13 year old prodigy who develops a special bond with a plus-sized inflatable robot named Baymax, whose purpose is to be a physician.

Throughout the movie, Hiro struggles to discover his path in life when hardships hit, but with the help of Baymax and friends he does well.

Disney of course “Disney-fied” the movie, changing a lot of the story line and details to be more PG. In the original comics, Big Hero 6 was a team of superhuman operatives recruited by the Japanese government. Hiro was a potential operative who actually declined being a part of Big Hero 6 until he was forced into it.

I thought the movie itself was really cute and would be great if you’re planning to go take your little brother or sister to watch. Baymax is the most adorable, lovable robot ever that when you finish watching the movie you’ll probably call him “Bae-max”. The other characters are shown as charismatic and corny but entertaining. The jokes in this movie were actually pretty funny and are also age appropriate.

The plot on the other hand was pretty predictable. In every movie, there is a problem presented and a hero is forced to go through a journey where he or she of course first fails but the tries and succeeds. The story line, in this case, was nothing special. The animation on the other hand was amazing. Disney goes along with the retro Japanese scenery, making everything appear soft yet vibrant. While watching the movie I just thought the animation looked beautiful and was very eye-catching.

I would give this movie a 3.5, because although it was very good animation and character wise, the plot was disappointing.

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