Movie Review: Insurgent

“Insurgent” from the Divergent Trilogy definitely has a different atmosphere from the first movie. “Insurgent” is more action-packed, and the story has a smoother flow than the book. The book continuously shifts back and forth between each setting, giving the reader a headache.

I like how, compared to the book, the movie focuses more on the action instead of the romance, especially since what the protagonists are fighting for is much more important than the relationship between Tris and Four. The action scenes emphasize the role that Tris plays in saving her loved ones and fighting Jeanine; however, Tris’s recklessness becomes one of her biggest flaws.

“Divergent” introduces the dystopian society that the series is set in, along with the different factions that live within this society. “Insurgent,” on the other hand, is centered on the breaking apart of the chains that society has placed on these factions. This movie reveals much about the factionless, the danger of Divergents, and betrayal.

The acting by Shailene Woodley, who played Tris Prior, and Theo James, who played Tobias “Four” Eaton, were amazing. Woodley and James conveyed their roles well, as if they were really admirable warriors. Daniel Dae Kim, who played Jack Kang, created a believable leader image for the Candor faction. The Candor headquarters were quite nice, and the way the scenes were filmed contributed to the atmosphere and mood. It was relatable to how we, ourselves, are afraid to let the world know about all of our secrets.

Miles Teller, who played Peter, carried out the humorous scenes throughout the movie. He was able to truly take on the sarcastic and selfish personality that Peter has. Kate Winslet, who played Jeanine, was able to take on the role of a villain who was willing to sacrifice millions of lives for the sake of fulfilling her own curiosity as an Erudite.

For people who have not read the books, the movie is definitely able to stand on its own. However, those who have read the series will notice that certain details were left out – details that could have helped strengthen the plot. For example, the film left out the reason why Tris’s father resents Erudite and how the name of the person from the “outside” has significance. I hope the last movie in the trilogy will be just as fascinating and tie everything together.

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