TV Show Review: One Big Happy

“One Big Happy” is a new television show with a unique premise: Lizzy, a lesbian, is impregnated by Luke, her heterosexual male best friend, since she wants to have a baby. Luke falls in love with Prudence, a British woman he recently met at the bar, and he marries her. “One Big Happy” explores the complex dynamic between these three characters, their silly escapades, and their lives as they live together in the same apartment.

Lizzy and Luke made a pact when they were younger – if neither of them had a romantic love interest by the time they were 30, they would have a baby together via artificial insemination. Now, the time has finally come. Lizzy’s world is thrown into disarray, however, when Luke meets Prudence and decides to marry her. Luke’s sudden marriage is spurred by the fact that Prudence is an illegal alien who may be deported from America.

These three main protagonists are able to pull off their roles very well. They have great chemistry together, and they appear to be like a group of real friends. Lizzy is somewhat awkward and has no filter; Prudence is open and loud; Luke is thoughtful and caring. Despite their differences and occasional fights, they all bond together and have a lasting friendship. I could recognize their flaws and see aspects of myself in each one of them. I enjoyed being able to relate to these characters and watch their friendship progress.

Unfortunately, “One Big Happy” falls flat as a comedy show – it simply is not funny enough. I was entertained by the characters and general plot, but I found myself rarely laughing out loud. There were a few funny jokes scattered throughout the dialogue, though. The laugh track also became extremely annoying after a while. There was contrived laughter every few seconds, even at moments that were not particularly humorous. The whole laugh track just seemed manufactured, and it made me want to laugh even less.

“One Big Happy” may have an interesting premise, but I believe that it can be better executed. It failed to make truly laugh, and that is a problem when it is supposed to be a comedy show. Yet, with only a few episodes so far, I have hope that the show can get better with time. There are many potential storylines that can be explored. “One Big Happy” just needs better jokes and more character development.

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