Student vlogs, hopes to become a YouTuber

Ever wanted to re-live your vacation by capturing it down on video? Senior Bill Truong vlogs about his vacation adventures at the restaurants and locations he visits.

Truong started vlogging during winter break, according to Truong. His vacation locations in his recent videos were the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, Truong added.

“I vlogged about when I traveled to the Grand Canyon and Vegas,” Truong said. “I wanted to share what I was doing throughout the day over break.”

All YouTubers inspire him, Truong said. He wanted to try out vlogging and if he liked it, he would continue posting videos, according to Truong.

“It get to show who I am as a person,” Truong said. “[Also] how I like to interact with the world.”

Have you ever thought about your most embarrassing moments and answering random questions truthfully? Junior Tony Le uploads these kinds of videos on a weekly basis.

“I posted my first video in middle school,” Le said. “But then I really started three months ago.”

Le makes videos with his friends, and this allows him to look back on them for fun, Le said. Le answers questions that his friends ask him on Instagram in order to get his audience and friends more involved, Le added.

“I wanted to be a YouTuber since I was little when I started watching on YouTube,” Le said. “The people who really pushed me to [make YouTube videos] were Julia and Amanda since I heard about them. I thought might as well do it too.”

He enjoys looking back on the videos he makes to see how he has changed, Le added. Being a YouTuber allows him to find himself as a person, Le said.

“[The difficulties of making videos] are my editing software crashes, or I have to reshoot a video, or I forget to press the button,” Le said. “Filming takes an hour or two while editing takes two to three hours.”

Making videos to put on YouTube is really fun, according to Le. It distracts him from stress and his troubles, Le added.

“Vlogging is generally easy and anyone can do it,” Truong said. “You have to want to do it.”

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