God Eater: An Anime Review

God eater animeGod Eater is not an optimistic, utopian anime, but instead is one that shows humanity struggling vigorously to stay alive. Despite the plot and theme being extremely cliché, the anime has unique characteristics that reflect in its amazing ratings and number of viewers.

The anime opens up with Lenka Utsugi enlisting in the God Eaters, a force that eliminates Aragami creatures that devour humans. An unknown reason in joining the army, Lenka trains relentlessly and rapidly develops into an arrogant, curious, courageous, and powerful soldier, a typical protagonist of an anime show.

Lenka is supposed to be a special and new kind of God Eater, but has many flaws. However, his flaws make room for growth and character development. Instead of the protagonist being successful at everything, viewers can expect to see the struggles and challenges Lenka must overcome. Initially, Lenka is extremely weak and inexperienced on the battlefield, often making mistakes and becoming injured.

One occasion served as a turning point of his naivety; during a battle between Lenka and a strong Aragami, Lenka’s weapon breaks, leading to his defeat. Fortunately, an elite squad of God Eaters rescue him and adventures with him throughout the rest of the anime, developing both his abilities as a soldier and character.

The beginning of the anime is somewhat cliché, as similar plots are used in other shows such as Attack on Titan and Owari no Seraph. In addition, the plot spends numerous episodes expanding on Lenka’s struggles and humanity’s misfortunes, which creates a vibe similar to that of a Shakespearean tragedy instead of that of other anime.

However, the show is unique with giving viewers ciffhangers at the end of each episode, in one occasion showing a small portion of the research conducted on cells that make up Aragami. These flashbacks expose more information that allow the plot to develop and the science behind it to connect similarily like a science-fiction series. Flashbacks allow the viewer to fully understand the events occurring in the anime. In addition to unique content, the anime has advanced graphics and amazing animation, creating a fluid form of art and animation that viewers must experience.

Ultimately, God Eater is focused on a boring, cliché plot, but also distinct in its animation style, adding onto the unique plot and introducing a new sensation to viewers.


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