Club Members Enjoy CLOG Rush



Senior Jennie Nguyen and Juniors Michelle Li and Isaac Chang (left to right) enthusiastically promote their respective clubs during CLOG Rush on the Green


Clubs and organizations (CLOGs) at MHS kickstarted their year off at CLOG Rush on Aug. 30 to Sept. 1, according to CLOG Commissioner Jonathan Tran. About 35 CLOGs participated in this school-wide event, Tran said.

CLOG Rush is an event held twice a school year on the Green, where chartered CLOGs get to come out and hold membership drives, according to Jonathan Tran. It’s a great opportunity for CLOGs to meet potential members and each other, Jonathan Tran said.

“It’s incredibly chaotic, but also a lot of fun and laughter,” Jonathan Tran said. “We encourage the CLOGs to go all out with costumes, music, posters, and performances to help recruit members.”

Some new clubs that were charted for this upcoming school year include Kids for Wish Kids, Strategy Club, Project 6, Youth Alive, PAWS, and LEO Club, according to Jonathan Tran.

Officers from the People for Animals Without Strength (PAWS) club were excited for CLOG Rush, according to PAWS Treasurer Helen Huynh. From this event, PAWS was able to attain about 60 member sign ups, Huynh said.

“My clog experience was great,” Huynh said. “Our president even came out in a tiger costume. Since PAWS is a new club I was afraid we wouldn’t get as many sign-ups at first, but it turns out many people also want to actively raise awareness for the humane treatment of animals.”

Kids for Wish Kids was out on the green on the second and last day of CLOG Rush, according to Kids for Wish Kids Student Advisor Tim Tran.

“As a new CLOG on campus, it was our mission to get the word out. Having CLOG Rush was so beneficial to gaining more members, Tim Tran said. Before CLOG Rush, we relied on Facebook to pre-expose Kids for Wish Kids to other friends. So, this definitely made an effect.”

CLOG Rush was a great experience for the club, Project 6, according to Project 6 President Anuja Samant. Since they are a small club, they worked hard to publicize to get more members, Samant Said.

“Our club color is purple, as we believe it is a rare and unique color in nature,” Samant said. “At CLOG Rush, most people could locate us because we had bright, purple balloons attached to all the officers and we were also wearing purple, tie-dyed T-shirts.”

Balloons were used as a way to publicize the club in order for people on the green to recognize the club, according to Samant. They  hoped that people would be intrigued by the many purple balloons walking around, Samant said.

“It was a great experience to see all the types of clubs that are offered at Milpitas High,” Samant said. “It was definitely a great way to start off the year. The energy and support of the other clubs were really positive. Although we are individual clubs at CLOG Rush, we all supported each other and our club mission.”

This was the first time Tran had organized such an event, according to Jonathan Tran. Tran was excited that the CLOGs were successful, Jonathan Tran.

“I was glad to see the CLOGs recruiting and having a good time out on the Green three weeks ago and wish them all the best of luck the next time CLOG Rush rolls around,” Jonathan Tran said.

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