Quantico: Not Meeting Expectations

quanticoThe anticipation for Quantico season two has not really paid off. Season one was full of surprises that led up to the shocking discovery of the bomber’s identity. Throughout the season, the trainees were actively involved with special agents to solve cases. In the first few minutes of season two, I enjoyed watching Alex and Ryan’s relationship develop, but after they went undercover to begin training at the Farm(a CIA training facility), their relationship backtracked. There are many holes in the plot and nothing has really seemed to develop.The idea of season two was supposed to basically show how the characters evolved. However, instead of watching the exciting, risk-taking agents we learned to love in season one, I feel as if I am watching the agent’s boring parents. I have already watched a few episodes of season two, and it basically consisted of Alex Parrish running around in the same building for almost seven episodes. The character’s impulsive behaviors in season one made for good television as I waited for one episode after another.

So far, this season has been very frustrating because the same patterns occur with the “good guys” turning into bad guys. At certain points, it feels like the writers have run out of ideas, and it is like I am watching a remake of season one all over again. If the producers are trying to show how corrupt the higher officials in the Nation’s security is, they are doing a good job. Through these few episodes, I have lost track of the reason why Alex is running around in the building in the first place. From my perspective, she just seems lost and I could care less if she just left the building and stopped her plan to help from the inside. This is because she is making no progress. By staying in the building she is just waiting to get caught. Alex’s new personality made her care too much and it prevents her from making appropriate decisions; It holds Ryan back because he feels guilty every time they don’t agree with each other.

Despite everything I just said, I will still continue watching Quantico because I still have hope things will soon turn around for the better. I hope Alex stops letting her past affect how she makes decisions and I really hope she gets out of that building is has been running around in. I want to see the characters to develop further and hopefully do something.


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