The Long History of Senior Pranks in MHS

One of the many annual traditions in MHS is the senior prank. From many years past until now, various pranks had happened to our very own MHS. Although not consistent every year, there are still many fond memories created from this timely tradition.

One year, the seniors flipped the tables and threw them around campus, according to Former Student Britney Luong. “It was all very dumb and the school was mad because the janitors had to fix everything,” she said.

Another table related incident occurred when someone or some group stacked several tables on the roof, according to MHS Teacher Mr. Cummins. Although no one got in trouble, it was fascinating to wonder how they got all the tables up there he remarked.

After all his years of teaching so far, “The best one was around 12 years ago when someone drew a penis in the green facing the gym,” Mr. Cummins said.  “They used weed killer to do so. Afterwards that was fixed by the principal who used the graffiti as a trunk of an elephant”

“A couple years back, the little building next to the green was also green and was called the green shack,” Mr. Cummins said. But one day, people came to school to find it painted the color it is now, with no one being caught, he mentioned.

“The best senior pranks are the ones where everyone is in on and is easy to clean”, said Mr. Cummins. One good example of such is when there was a big water fight about 6 years ago organized by the ASB president, he said.

One of the worst senior pranks was when a group of people put a car in the pool, according to MHS Teacher Mr.Hanley. “It was very expensive to fix and caused the school a lot of trouble,” he said.

“What I remember in particular is coming to school and looking up in the library and there was a giant inflatable chicken there,” Mr.Hanley mentioned. “It was a long time ago, must of been 15 years ago.”

“What would be better to happen instead of senior pranks, however, is a concept called senior legacy or senior gifts at other schools,” Mr.Hanley remarked. It is where instead of a prank, a senior would leave a gift to the school in the form of maybe a plant, or a garden, he said.

“When people graduate from highschool and into college, there are two directions you can walk,” Mr.Hanley said, “A senior prank looks backwards back to the childhood that we are still children and before we move on lets pull a prank. A senior legacy, a senior gift looks forward. As an adult you try to be a productive citizen”

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