Math Teacher Elena Sherbakov enjoys spending time with animals at her farm

Sherbakov Farm

Photo Courtesy of Elena Sherbakov

As some of you might know, Math Teacher Elena Sherbakov owns a farm about ten minutes away from MHS. Sherbakov has owned the three acre farm, consisting of a variety of plants and animals, for five years.

Her farm includes horses, alpacas, chickens, goats, and one llama, Sherbakov said. There are many different types of plants on her farm including 27 types of fruit trees. The elevation and the climate of her farm is ideal for cherry trees, Sherbakov added.

Planting comes with its difficulties, too. “You get very very bad in joints and tendons so not super fun to get a little bit sick,” she explained. “But all the joys spending time with animals and plants compensate for that.”

Her main enjoyment comes from spending time with her farm animals Sherbakov explained. The alpacas are super fluffy and are better than humans, Sherbakov jokingly said.


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