About Us

The Union is the student voice of Milpitas High. The Union is published by the Journalism class of Milpitas High School. The views in The Union are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the school, students, administration, or Milpitas Unified School District.

2017-2018 Union Staff

Hope Do
Shreeya Aranake | Editors-in-Chief

Katherine Hubeny | News Editor
Ashley Chen | Asst. News Editor

Jerald Mendoza | Op-Ed Editor
Kevin Dai | Asst. Op-Ed Editor

Ananya Donapati | Features Editor
Clara Marisol Dela Cruz| Asst. Features Editor

Grace Chang | Lifestyle Editor
Krystal Quiocho | Asst. Lifestyle Editor

Loan-Anh Pham | Spread Editor
Kelly Nguyen | Asst. Spread Editor

Kelly Lue | Entertainment Editor
Mili Bhatnagar | Asst. Entertainment Editor

Kirk Tran | Sports Editor
Anthony Nguyen | Asst. Sports Editor

Andrew Dinh | Co-Copy Editor
Erin Utter | Co-Copy Editor
Ishrak Ramzan | Asst. Copy Editor

Jonathan Tran | Photo Editor
Morgan Lei | Asst. Photo Editor

Suhas Shekar | Co-Web Editor
Vivian Tsang | Co-Web Editor
Devyn Nguyen | Asst. Web Editor

Luke Ren | Business Manager
Theodore Do | Asst. Business Manager

Andrew Ha | Ad Manager
Eric De Guzman | Asst. Ad Manager

Ariana Khateeb | Reporter
Roshni Sheth | Reporter
Maansi Maskai | Reporter

Jeff Colburn | Journalism Advisor